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Early Childhood Screening
Dear Parent/Guardians:
We are looking for all 3 - 4 year olds! Please remember to call for an Early Childhood
Screening appointment when your child turns 3! Screening is not an intelligence test,
but we want to screen early because:
• All children must be screened once before kindergarten entrance or participation
in an Early Childhood program.
• Screening is free, it is fun, and it is a great opportunity for you to see your child’s
total growth.
• If potential problems are identified, your child will receive appropriate follow-up or
be connected with resources in the school and community.
• We can refer your child to Preschools and Early Childhood opportunities. Your
child will automatically be enrolled into a school district at the time of screening
• It includes:
1. height/weight
2. vision/hearing
3. general development
4. health history
5. immunization review
Call your district today to schedule an Early Childhood Screening appointment at:
ISD 316 Greenway: 245-6804
ISD 317 Deer River: 246-8860, ext 60412
ISD 318 Grand Rapids: 327-5572
ISD 319 Nashwauk-Keewatin: 885-1280, ext 51154

Links of Interest

IASC Community Education
-Community Education is a unique concept that embraces
-the belief that education is a lifelong process; everyone in the
-community shares responsibility for the mission of educating
-all members of the community.

Ready 4 K
-Ready 4 K is is 501(c)(3) nonpartisan statewide campaign of concerned citizens
-who are raising awareness and advocating for policy change to ensure that all
-children enter kindergarten fully prepared to succeed.

Children’s Defense Fund - Minnesota
The Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota provides a strong and effective voice for
children who cannot speak or vote for themselves. CDF-Minnesota provides
services, such as research, publications, education, advocacy, and outreach to
engage, mobilize, and motivate Minnesotans to consider the well-being of children
in all private and public decision-making so that no child is left behind.

The Northland Foundation
Created in 1986 by The McKnight Foundation, the Northland Foundation is a
regional foundation serving the communities of northeastern Minnesota.

Nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the healthy development of babies
and young children.

ISD 317
ESS Smart Systems - Employee Payroll

Baby Steps Boutique
Improving the health and well being of families, pregnant women, and children.
We're a place where you can receive what all new and expecting parents need:
information and support about the services and programs available in our area.
Think of us as a link to successful parenting. We want to help all families have
children who are healthy in every way. That's the best way to have children who
are ready to do their best when they go to school.

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